Grammar and you (also prologues)

I have been reading back the previous chapters and reediting some grammatical mistakes here and there that I didn’t catch while hopped up on coffee at 2:00 AM (not my brightest idea)

I’m not the greatest with catching my own mistakes and I’m flying solo on this project so if you DO catch something feel free to email me at or comment with the mistake so I can rectify it and not look like a total fool.

In other news you may have noticed I’ve added a new prologue here. It takes place a few days before the events in chapter one and I was unsure if I was going to include this scene for a while as it’s pretty revealing of what happens in the next few chapters, but I opted for it because I really enjoy the way it’s written and it also sets the tone pretty well for the rest of the novel.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the prologue, and if you’re new this is a great way to start reading what I’ve written so far. It was a long time between when I picked this story back up and when I last contributed to it so my writing ability has grown a lot, and some of the older chapters have some issues I’m not 100% happy with. This is for me at least a first draft that I happen to be putting out to the world and I’m pretty happy to be doing so, so the little stuff at the very least is not set in stone.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who cares,


It’s been a while…

(Just so you know the following chapter is very violent, just so those who have been following thus far are aware. If you are new or aren’t caught up you can always pop open the Menu and navigate to the chapter you have yet to read.)

Chapter five is here and it’s been a minute since my latest post so here’s some updates if you don’t follow my (sporadically active) twitter account.


  • Reworking the world map so that it may, at some point, be published to the site
  • Working with an artist to see about putting out cover art for a would be hard copy of the story
  • Rewrote at least six plot points to accommodate the correct direction of this chapter
  • Yelled a lot at no one because I was upset with myself for taking so long


So there you have it, it looks like from here on out a MONTHLY update is due instead as the chapters are longer than originally planned and editing is a bear when I have to do it in between my full time day-job.


I hope that anyone still reading is at least enjoying the posts, can’t wait for you all to see what’s next, there’s a lot to come!

Hello, world!

I’m Reece, and I’ve been writing Shadows Above for a long time now and have finally decided that I can put it out in the world. So now my goal to do this is release a chapter every two weeks starting the week of May 23rd.

Curbs procrastinating and gives me feedback!

Shortly after releasing the first chapter I’ll get together some social media accounts that anyone can feel free to harass/compliment me!


More to come.